1. bring (something) into existence.

    synonyms: producegenerate, bring into being, makefabricatefashionbuildconstruct;


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Artist Statement:

"When asked to define 'what I do' I have a difficult time. The easiest response is to say I am a musician- this is what I have formally studied, and it is therefore conceivably my profession, however, truly I do not feel I identify only as a musician. Surely this is a large part of who I am and how I spend my time, but I believe being a successful musician in today's world is about being much more than a musician; it is about being a well-rounded artist; a creator.

Through collaboration, engaging with an array of different art forms and genres and exposing myself to all variants of the 'process of creating', I strive to allow myself to be inspired by all that is around me. Different disciplines provide training for experiencing senses and our environment in different ways (i.e. music= sound, art=visual), and allow us to perceive our surroundings and our own internal experiences in creative ways that can be utilized to communicate perspective and understanding with others. Art is universal, and creating and engaging with art is a process that allows us to relate to those with whom we coexist."


From the islands of Bermuda, Katie Ewles is a composer, vocalist, pianist, lyricist, visual artist, and chocolate-lover, who uses her breadth of experience with both traditional and popular Western Art forms to create thought-provoking work that is captivating and memorable to a wide-range of audiences. Katie aims to redefine for herself what it means to be a ‘creator’ in the 21st century by actively engaging with synergy between art forms and styles, and by collaborating with other artists. This approach is evident in Katie’s distinctive work which is simultaneously intimate and universal, sophisticated and adventurous.